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Africa Surge Protection started in in 1991 with the invention of the Wonder Plug that took some years of convincing the market of its superior performance and quality, today Wonder Plug has become a household name.
Since then, however, copies of the Wonder Plug have been manufactured overseas and imported into South Africa. Although this was a real blow for the company and the market, Africa Surge continued to innovate and currently has the most extensive locally manufactured range of surge protectors in Africa.
Watch 2019 for an even more extensive range of surge protectors serving even more markets and meeting your needs.

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We have been designing, innovating and manufacturing surge protection products for 28 years. During this time we have grown to be the largest and longest lasting surge protection manufacturer supplying Southern Africa. Thank you to all the customers we've served and who have supported us.

PO Box 752159 Gardenview, 2047
(011) 5042845 info@africasurge.com
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