Frequently Asked Questions

Use these answers other folks have asked to assist you with some questions you may have. Should you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to drop us an email and we will gladly assist you.

That is a really good first question and the answer to that is absolutely yes. And we guarantee it too! All our products are 100% Guaranteed. But, it is important to choose the right protection for the job.

Simply complete this downloadable registration form and send it back to us.

Registration Approvals will take approximately 24 to 48 hours.

Relax. We deliver nationwide.

Delivery is FREE for orders over R2500. If you are not sure if we deliver to your area, you can always ask. Call 011 504 2845 to find out.

If the lights are ON

and your equipment is still on,

it’s Working 🙂

The plug will no longer function, meaning there will be no lights ON. This also means that "Surge" (our mascot Surge = your Wonder Plug) has died in the line of duty: Protecting your valuable electronic device or electric appliance. In this case you can get it replaced, no charge.

The most common damage caused by lightning first, is to the circuitry, by damaging resistors and/or capacitors as well as the soldering work. The wiring can overheat and potentially melt or burn. The damage may be instant and obvious or take some time to manifest itself, through erratic functionality, LED indicators could give false reads, making it unreliable.

There is only one original ASP Wonder Plug product and it will come with an Africa Surge label: Product serial number printed on the label.

Each Africa Surge product contains a warranty agreement form inside the packaging. The end user must complete this form in full and submit it to Africa Surge: a) Via registered post or b) via our online portal

Filling out the form online is really easy. Follow these instructions, Alternatively you can go directly to the Warranty Form, fill it out, and submit your 'proof of purchase and installation' this way - uploading photos. The whole process can take about 10 minutes.

Lightning surge protection is applied to the mains plug where the electricity enters. With "SURGE" (this is our mascot super hero!) guarding in front. This is the legendary Wonder Plug, in front, then followed by a dedicated multi-plug (3, 4, 5 or 6 unit), into which the electronic or computerized device is plugged into. SURGE now stands between the lightning and your equipment and will 'die in the line of duty'.

Different lightning surge protectors have been designed for the relevant equipment or devices they protect. Telephone and data lines are protected with a different device, fridge/freezers, appliances, TV's and computers also have separate protectors.

Guarantee: Africa Surge products carry a lifelong guarantee. Should any of our products become faulty it would be replaced free of charge.

Warranty: The warranty protects the equipment while making use of an appropriate surge protector. Should the equipment become faulty, Africa Surge and/or their insurance company will repair or replace up to R20 000 on any equipment damaged by a lightning surge.

You call Africa Surge on 011 504 2845. We will replace the surge protector free of charge.

They most certainly are. In fact, our products surpass the requirements laid out and then some.

You should definitely use a surge protector with your computer. It is filled with voltage-sensitive components that a power surge could damage very easily. It's a good idea to use surge protectors for other high-end electronic equipment, such as entertainment center components. The word 'necessary' all depends upon your exact needs and how important it is to protect your devices. Lightning cannot be stopped, it is unpredictable and all reports indicate that lightning strikes the earth billions of times each day.

A spike in voltage can be harmful to appliances and electrical devices in your home. An increase in voltage above an appliance’s normal operating voltage can cause an arc of electrical current within the appliance. The heat generated in the arc causes damage to the electronic circuit boards and other electrical components.

Smaller, repeated power surges may slowly damage your electronic equipment. Your computer or sound system may continue to function after small surges occur until the integrity of the electronic components finally erode and your DStv, cordless phone, or answering machine mysteriously stops working. Small power surges shorten the life of appliances and electronics.



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