Africa Surge Protection: manufacturer of high quality lightning surge protector plugs for residential and office use

Trusted, since 1990! Every household or office has 9 lightning strikes zones - areas where lighting can access valuable electronic or electrical devices: through electrical, telephone, or TV/Sat aerial

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And we have ALL these areas covered, for you. Lightning surge protection plugs designed specifically for each of the primary elements: electrical, telephone and aerials. From addressing a single plugpoint (and all that is plugged in there, to multiplugs that expand your range of protection). We are that confident we GUARANTEE our products with an INSURED WARRANTY of up to R20 000!

High Quality SPDs Protecting YOUR Electrical & Electronic Devices

Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards

Our products have been tested by several test laboratories, including but not limited to, SANS, SABS, TEST AFRICA, TELKOM, INTERTEK, TACS Labs and more.

Going beyond the regulatory design and quality requirements of SABS and NRCS, we have had our products tested to International standards and independent tests by companies like Nashua with the co-operation of the CSIR.