WTX for Residential & Office use


WTX WonderTel Combo Xtra High, Lightning Surge Protector device, is a high quality, high level product guarding Telephone & Fax lines (and additional electrical devices connected to it) with proprietary designed circuitry that performs a health check of the socket it is plugged into for correct grounding (earthing), which is an important requirement for effective surge protection.

Categories: Residential & office

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The WTX - WonderTel Combo Xtra High

This versatile SPD (Surge Protection Device) is also flame retardant, locally manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, and fully tested to SANS, SABS, NRCS & CSIR standards.

Carries an inclusive 24 month Insured Warranty of up to R20 000! (Insuring that which is on the line protected by the Africa Surge SPD).

GUARANTEED – You won’t need to buy another one!


W = Wonder | P = Plug | M = Mains | T = Telephone | D = Data | C = Combo | TV = Television | SAT = Satellite
X = Xtra hi | HiLo = Automatic Voltage Regulator | C = Computer Cord | CC = Dual Computer Cord | L = Laptop Cord

The WTX is used at any mains plug point where there is a telephone line and/or fax, and you can plug an additional device into it (such as a fax machine, computer or printer) as it will collectively protect these devices.

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