Every Office has 9 (nine) Basic Strike Zones

These nine (9) zones lightning can strike and cause damage to electronic devices in a business. Finding the path of least resistance, it will 'go to earth' on your electrical circuit, damaging unprotected electronics that stand in its path

The Office zones protected by Africa Surge SPDs (Surge Protection Devices)

Company reception area where electronic devices are installed
Company Reception

The pivot point of any company, where visitors are welcomed, staff interact, and traffic is guided from, central communications lines

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Protect the electrical devices in the company kitchen
Kitchen / Lunch bar

Where staff share some 'away' time, sort out lunch, a drink or a snack, interact and catch up. It is a communal area too

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Protecting the directors computers with lightning surge protection
Directors Office

With inportant meetings, interviews and discussions happening, the right digital and electronic support is vital

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Protect the company server from lightning strikes
Server Room

The central nerve centre of the company: it's the digital communications memory, and data storage centre. Protect it!

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Computer devices in an open plan office need protecting too
Sales Open Plan

The heart and soul of the company resides in the high-energy area of sales. Communications, files and support of this team is crutial

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The directors PA uses computerized devices that need protecting from lightning strikes
PA Reception

Support of the CEO or MD caries a lot of weight, and responsibility. Speed of service is vital. Everything must operate like clockwork

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The coffee machine in an office is important to protect too
Coffee Bar

Catch up of office stories, news and happenings around a break-away means a hot refreshment to talk it over. Keep the balance right.

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Alarm & Security lightning surge protection
Consultant Offices

Where the 'bigger deals' are nurtured and negotiated. The key accounts are serviced and supported here. Efficient productivity needs support

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Protect the boardroom electronic devices because they are of vital importance
Training / Boardroom

The important decisions, brainstorming, training, negotiations and other primary functions carried out here require top AV support

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How Does Lightning Damage Computerized, Electronic & Electrical Equipment?

Lightning travels to ground along the path of least resistance and this means that in your home (or office), this is through the telephone or electrical lines, which are vulnerable to lightning strikes, as well as power voltage spikes or dips. Your electronic devices stand in the way as the electrical surge travels 'at lightning speeds' (in nano-seconds actually) along the electrical or telephone lines. If it serves you, protect it! And the best way of doing this is with a high quality, high protection SPD (Surge Protection Device) from Africa Surge.

Africa Surge SPDs (Surge Protection Devices)



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